Monday, December 31, 2007

Celebrate Good Times

Just like those of you who have automatic camera setups taking photos of the birds at your feeders while you're not home, I've got a similar system in place. It's a bit more elaborate, and involves me staying home, vigilantly watching the feeders, setting the camera, and then taking the shot. Our feeders have been hopping with activity, and since I'm off for a restful winter break I've been able to spend a fair amount of time witnessing who's coming to dinner.

Here, in a very specific order (though not chronological), are some the crowd arriving for a New Year's feast.

A possessed Mourning Dove - you can tell by the pale,
uniform-colored eye. Kind of like that girl in The Exorcist.

Huh, the left eye is bright and clear.
Maybe it's a pirate dove, sans eye patch?

Blue Jay tests the powder: "Awesome,
totally awesome! I'm sinking up to my waist!"

Black-capped Chickadee strikes a pose. It's better
to look good than feel good, and you look mahvelous!

Tufted Titmouse finds the the last sunflower, and
Black-oil sunflower, too, not that cheap Grey-striped!

White-breasted Nuthatch left with nothing but
safflower. Still worth the effort to stash it somewhere?

Could that be a Hoary? No, a Common Redpoll.
Maybe a female Hoary? First year? Man, it's like
a crap shoot. I'm going to get my dice. C'mon, Hoary!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2008!


mon@rch said...

Those Redpoll's have been tough! Have you looked at sibleys site?

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

My roll of the hoary dice came out a NO but I'll keep looking!

noflickster said...

* mon@rch - You read right through those lines! I have been keeping up on Sibley's discussions, and it is his attempt at a "character index" for identification (as well as some discussion on various listserves) to really look at the increasing numbers at our feeder. I was only joking about this bird being a Hoary, but I have had a few back-and-forth debates with myself over another bird. Who knows, in the end, those "intermediates" may be best left alone!
*zen birdfeeder - I'm thinking the "roll of the dice" gives as much a chance of proper identification as the angle you see the bird! I hope you come up with a clearcut bird (my above comment about intermediates holds true here, too!), and hopefully with photos: I think we all need more study material.

Good birding,

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