Sunday, March 2, 2008

New from The Cornell Lab: Citizen Science Central and eBird

There are two new additions I'm particularly excited about on the Lab's ever-growing web presence.

First, the Citizen Science ToolKit is available. Yeah, I call Conservation Science my home department and my title is "Research Biologist" (OK, that's what I call myself, technically I hold the rather obtuse title of "Extension Support Specialist II"). But Citizen Science is why I joined the Lab and what still overwhelmingly dominates my interest. Last June I participated in a conference that gathered representatives from varied disciplines to discuss citizen science as among other things a unique discipline unto itself and perhaps a way to coordinate all of the projects that currently exist. Further, a goal was to design a web site to bring together anyone interested in citizen science, encouraging discussion and collaboration, and ultimately creating a web site where anyone could go to discover existing projects or even create their own.

That site now exists and is fully functional at Citizen Science Central, a resource I hope you can use or will pass along.

Second, there is more data-out functionality on eBird. That means there are new ways to explore the database, querying the database about first- and last-dates and high counts. Now you can easily determine when are the hummingbirds expected back in your county, when the last wintering birds should depart from your region, and whether that huge raft of Aythya ducks is record setting or not. Learn more about these tools on the eBird web site, and then explore the movements of birds across the continent. Er, hemisphere, I already forgot South America was recently added . . . .

Ah, yes, more technology to empower your time spent in the field! Enjoy!


Birdfreak said...

Great post and so wonderful that you are involved in Citizen Science!

Good birding to you!

noflickster said...

Hi, birdfreak - thank you! I wish I was involved more directly in Citizen Science these days as part of my job, but I'm scratching that itch more in my "personal life." I loved your "Citizen Science Month" concept and promotion, and was especially pleased to see your starters guide to eBird, something I always intended to get on the site when I was working on the project. Too many things, too little time . . . .

Looking forward to more interactions, on your blog or here!


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