Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Latest eBird Map Quiz

New map available on eBird's Map Quiz. They provide a range map, based on submitted observations, you guess logically deduce the species.

What species could this be?

eBird Map Quiz 11eBird Map Quiz 11

And what about eBird Map Quiz 10, did you get it? I didn't.

eBird Map Quiz 10eBird Map Quiz 10: The range map of the American Black Duck.
Check the eBird site for a description of how you can deduce it.



N8 said...

I think I have a fair guess for this one, or rather, two fair guesses.

I think it's either Great-tailed Grackle or Greater Roadrunner, mostly based on the range expansion into SW Missouri. those are the only two SW birds you can find in the Ozarks but not elsewhere in the state.

I lean towards the Roadrunner.

Also, it's interesting to note on the Black Duck that dark green dot in eastern NC around Lake Mattamuskeet. It's the only place you can find them regularly in the state, but you can find a lot of them there.

noflickster said...

Boy, I haven't yet gotten around to formulating any thoughts, but I don't think Greater Roadrunner is a bad "deducement." (Is that word?)

I'd expect Great-tailed Grackle to expand farther into Mexico and have more scattered reports north of the range shown here, though I like your reasoning on expansion into the southern Ozarks.

Any one else have any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Not to change the topic (alright, yes, to change the topic, but not because this is not a good one - and I have no guess, I'm not that good of a birder), but aren't you involved with some of this stuff?

noflickster said...

Hi Anonymous,

Very cool piece you linked to! The most accurate way to say it is that I'm very peripherally involved. That is to say, I live in a different department (Conservation Science) than the researchers who are monitoring whales (Bioacoustics Research Program), but we all reside in the same building.

Because my project is focused on monitoring avian migration we use a lot of the same tools, especially the software. So, I interact quite a bit with the researchers and analysts, but I'm not involved in analyzing their recordings.

There is more about this story on the Lab's website.

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