Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seattle Dawn

23 November 2008 - Daybreak over Seattle

Waning CrescentA waning crescent moon in the cloudless, pre-dawn Seattle sky.
Where were the expected fog, rain, and clouds?

The downside of flying from the east to the west coast: morning comes a lot quicker than you're used to. We were up late the night before, the equivalent of 3:00 AM for us easterners. Reina, unfortunately, had slept quite a bit on the plane, and her four-year-old body was up and ready to go by 8:00 AM. But that's Eastern Standard Time, it was only 5:00 AM locally.

My wife entertained her for an hour, then it was my turn. We put on jackets and headed outside for a walk. The upside of flying from the east to the west coast: morning comes a lot quicker than you're used to. The sky was clear, the temperature crisp, and we watched the neighborhood come alive.

Cascade SunriseReady to start the day.

On our way back to the house we looked over our shoulders and caught the sun's glow over the Cascades and light fog rolling in from the north. In addition to the crow we found House Finches, Black-capped Chickadees, and Bushtits working over the neighborhood trees. The start of a beautiful day!

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Louise said...


babooshka said...

Both superb, but the bird for me is sheer brilliance

dAwN said...

Nice to be out early and to catch the sunrise....Hope u caught up on your sleep...Happy Skywatch.

jan m said...

I noticed that Gig Harbor is just across the bay from my daughter's destination for Christmas. Sounds like you had an excellent birding adventure.

Rune said...

Very nice colours. Nice shot :o)

Grammy said...

I Very much enjoyed your beautiful photos.
Have a great sky watch week.
Mid Missouri. USA

The Good Life in Virginia said...

adore the shot of the bird on the wire and the colors of the sky.

A.J. said...

GREAT moon! and sunrise... (thanks to Reina for making you get up to see this.)

Anonymous said...

What great shots. Not much sleep that night, huh.

Anonymous said...

Quite lovely, especially the bird.

BTW, I've tagged you for a meme, Six Random Things


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