Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Mysterious Affair at Amherst, Chapter I

The north shore of Lake Ontario is frigid in the winter months, January the coldest month of all. The strong south wind, cooled by the ice-covered lake, blew onshore with near gale-force gusts. The woods provided enough shelter that it was actually comfortable within the grove of evergreens.

Alex stared at the body, mortified at the sight. The state of the body made it clear it was no longer alive. The internal organs were fully exposed, the head bent at an unnatural angle. The ferocity of the presumed attack was almost frightening. Alex pulled off his backpack, eyes never leaving the frozen victim.

The killer sat silently, watching Alex approach the body. Slowly turning his head, he surveyed the area. Satisfied they were alone in the woods he turned his attention back to the scene unfolding before him. He was content to watch, leaving the newcomer to investigate and hurry off through the woods a short time later. He closed his eyes to rest, knowing the urge to kill would come again, sooner than expected.

It always did.



Rouchswalwe said...

Like the old cliffhangers of old ... looking forward to the next installment!

deejbrown said...

Okay, I'm wondering who the killer is too but don't want to guess out loud for fear of looking foolish.
Next chapter?

Heidi said...

I have a guess! When's the next chapter so I can see if I'm right?

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