Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in the Driver's Seat

In theory I am taking the helm of my normal life again, though I might need a day or two to really settle back in. I'm home again after a ten-day, whirlwind family trip to Arkansas. How can a whirlwind last more than week, you ask? You'll see over the next few blog posts, but the keyword may be "overplanning."

Northern ParulaA vaguely blurry Northern Parula forages in my in-law's front yard.
Click the image for a larger version.

We packed a lot into this trip, including a multitude of family gatherings, bird walks and hikes, catching up with friends, a two-night, three-day trip to Fayetteville, more family get-togethers, and a trip to a pretty sweet fishing hole. [Aside: I haven't yet determined if the chiggers made the trip feel shorter or longer than it actually was.]

Morning on the Little Red RiverMorning on the Little Red River, near Heber Springs, AR.
Click the image for a larger version.

Posts to come after I process the hundreds (upon hundreds) of images and try to account for each hour of each day. Can it be done? Stay tuned to find out!



Amber Coakley said...

Hi there Mike :-)
I am looking forward to your pics from Arkansas. My recent visit was 4 days, but I never spent quality time at the nearby Buffalo River, and sure wish it had worked out. The Ozarks were beautiful - I know I will want to return!

noflickster said...

Hi Amber - I'm finding the downside to a new camera: too much fun taking pics, not enough time to organize and process them all. I need to work on a balance!

We were in F'ville for less than three days, not nearly enough time to re-explore everything and everywhere we hoped. Most of our time is spent near Little Rock where my wife's family is. Hopefully on future visits we'll head back to the Ozarks, or to the Ouachitas, or the delta, or nearby Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana . . . so many places, so little time!

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