Saturday, May 19, 2007

Migration Celebration

Following the Ithaca Plant Sale (posted about here), we headed up to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to particpate in the Migration Celebration. I was there to work, standing by my exhibit about studying nocturnal migration, while the family went to play.

Migration Celebration attendees check out my display
about nocturnal flight calls.
© Mike Powers 2007

It was a lot of fun, from both standpoints: as a participant and as an exhibitor. First, as a parent: my daughter had a blast. There was face painting, interactive exhibits a three-year-old could handle (planting seeds, and even picking out some birds, like cardinals and goldfinches), not to mention lots of other kids to watch. And perhaps the topper, a live Turkey Vulture, up close and personal.

Rose and her Turkey Vulture entertained anyone
who stopped to chat.
© Mike Powers 2007

But not too up close, and not too personal: once upon a time, when I worked for a raptor rehab outfit, I had a very up close and personal interaction, and not a pleasant one. Perhaps fodder for another post.

Then, as an exhibitor, I can say I had a blast. Dozens of folks come by that were extremely interested in learning about migration, particularly what you can't see because it happens when it's dark, and most of us are asleep. (Ah, even more fodder for another post!)

It's always refreshing to talk with so many people about birds, on so many different levels, especially when you see the interest in their eyes, hear the excitement in their voices. Discussions I was involved with ranged from nocturnal migration (the topic I was supposed to be presenting) to appropriate nest box dimensions, from bird listing to the best birding books. What an invigorating day!

Paul Miller, Director of Communications and Marketing,
shares a smile with a sapsucker.
© Mike Powers 2007

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