Monday, February 11, 2008


With few exceptions, bloggers are writers. One non-birding blog I like, Whiskey River, involves no original writing, just quotes. Very novel, and if done well (which it is), the quote says all that is needed.

But the rest of us express ourselves through a combination of words and images, and, stating the obvious, no two blogs are alike. Similar, yes, but not alike, and that property leads to the singular question, "What are the different types of nature-blog writing and, by extension, the writers? Can we all be pigeonholed?"

It'll take someone with more insight and experience than me to do this. That, and to a degree it's already done. Nature bloggers are very much like travel writers, and Tim Patterson has already defined the six personalities of travel writing. Why not piggy-back on his observations?

While there is little I enjoy more than opining and compartmentalizing others, I won't. Not here, anyway. Check out his article and classify yourself, and feel free to report back and comment on your "writing personality." Hey, it's just between us, so invent a new one if needed.

My self-analysis: personality-wise, I've been called a "Naked Introvert" on more than one occasion. I suspect that carries over to my writing, too.


whiskey said...

I must be an Intrepid Monk, then, as I feel most comfortable blending into the crowd.

Thank you for the kind words.

noflickster said...

Hi whiskey,

By no means am I qualified to classify or pigeonhole anyone else, but I agree with your conclusion for a slightly different reason: given the content of your blog, I have long suspected you might "speak softly and carry a very big notebook."

As I mentioned in the post, I love the idea of your blog, and am constantly impressed how well you carry it out. Thank you, it makes many of my days less mundane and much more mindful.


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