Friday, February 15, 2008

GBBC: Day One

I make it a point to collect and submit at least one checklist per day during the Great Backyard Bird Count, and usually I can squeeze in a couple. One from the yard, one from work, one from a stop on the way home, anywhere I've got 15 minutes and some daylight.

Not today, I spared the minimum 15 minutes to count birds in our yard after dropping Reina off at school. Nothing for the record books, a modest 17 species including a couple not-typical-for-our-yard species, like Red-tailed Hawk, Eastern Bluebird, Cedar Waxwing, and European Starling. The full list is below.

One of dozens of Cedar Waxwings counted on my GBBC list.

Can't wait for tomorrow, I plan a couple of counts with a bit more effort.

Locality: Horseheads, Chemung County, NY
Observation Date: FEB 15, 2008
Start Time: 8:30 AM

Red-tailed Hawk - 2
Mourning Dove - 6
Downy Woodpecker - 2
Blue Jay - 7
American Crow - 6
Black-capped Chickadee - 27
Tufted Titmouse - 8
Red-breasted Nuthatch - 1
White-breasted Nuthatch - 4
Eastern Bluebird - 2
American Robin - 18
European Starling - 11
Cedar Waxwing - 45
Dark-eyed Junco - 8
Northern Cardinal - 3
Common Redpoll - 4
American Goldfinch - 5

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