Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Blog on the Block: Earbirding

earbirding.com header

In the "this just in" department, via Bill Schmoker at Brdpics, comes a new blog that promises to be not only interesting, but cutting edge: Earbirding.com. The blog's author, Nathan Pieplow, not only takes birding by ear to new levels, but revisits old levels and clarifies them. Or at least prompts discussions to try to. Friends, Romans, and Countrymen, lend him your ears at Earbirding.com.



Chris Petrak said...

Thanks for the post on birding by ear - it's a continuing challenge to me and I need the help. For general interest, are your familiar with the blog from Vermont Center for Ecostudies? Good info for the public.

noflickster said...

@Chris - I hope you find Nathan's site and blog useful, he's a really great ear birder. Be sure to check out the "knowledgebase" parts of his site. Nathan also recently linked to another promising birding-by-ear blog, Bird Calls and Songs.

While I do know VCE's blog I sadly admit I haven't followed it very closely. I know the group much better, by their excellent work and their excellent staff - I've been lucky enough to work or collaborate with several of them.

Thanks for bringing them to my attention, I need to drastically update my "blog roll" and highlight some of the best resources out there!

Thanks for dropping by,

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