Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who Am I?

Time to get your spectrogram interpretations on. We're testing new recording units for our flight call research and I recently placed one on my roof. Yes, migration may be winding down, but it's certainly not over: this weekend I recorded a Blackpoll Warbler flying over, so birds are still moving.

Of course, the unit records everything, not just migrating birds. This weekend's recordings included our resident coyotes, neighborhood dogs, drive-by cars, peepers, Bullfrogs, and toads, myself on the phone (note to self: take phone calls on the other side of the house), and the morning chorus.

Territorial Bird SongClick the image for a larger version.

Any guesses which territorial bird is singing in this spectrogram? This is an image, a visual clue. I'll put up the video later so you can hear the song. For a primer on interpreting a spectrogram check this web page.



Nate said...

Hmm, very cool.

My guess is Common Yellowthroat with that up and down and up and down pattern.

Perhaps I need to break out my old Chandler Robbins Golden guide and cheat a bit...

noflickster said...

@Nate - great guess! I wonder, given some intense variation among individuals, how well the samples in the Golden Guide "represent"!

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