Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Citizen's Guide: Guidelines for Migratory Birds in Forested Areas [I'd Love to Save the World]

Next up, guidelines for protecting forested areas as migratory bird habitat.

The Citizen's Guide to Migratory Bird Conservation
Guidelines for Protecting Migratory Bird Habitat:
Guidelines for Conservation of Migratory Birds in Forested Areas

1. Avoid fragmenting forested areas.

2. Maintain a well-developed understory, including woody and herbaceous vegetation, to provide resources to a diverse set of woodland bird species.

3. Minimize the amount of edge habitat by managing generally circular- or square-shaped forests.

4. Protect or restore forests along streams, wide stream bottoms, and ravines -- they can be crucial to migratory birds.

5. Remove nonnative plant species, such as kudzu and salt-cedar.

Peter Dunne, Richard Kane, and Paul Kerlinger, New Jersey Audubon Society,
P.O. Box 693, Bernardsville, NJ 07294

This section has been excerpted in its entirety. Author information and article text current as of 1995.

Dunne, P., R. Kane, and P. Kerlinger. 1995. Citizen's Guide to Migratory Bird Conservation, Bonney, R., S. Carlson, and M. Fischer, eds. Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA.



nishiki_85 said...


Thanks for sharing.

This should be required reading for Brighton city council (Ontario) when deciding on the gravel pit proposal in their township. 259 acres could be lost, theatening a small population of breeding Golden-winged Warblers.

The decision process could still take 2-3 years.



noflickster said...

nishiki_85 - Between you and me, the entire document will be available online shortly. My primary impetus was to start a dialogue and update the original, but there is a new sense of urgency in our lives down here in the Southern Tier, something that I'll post about very soon.

That said, I'm sorry to hear of the impending destruction of habitat for these already-declining birds - like they don't have enough to deal with.

I hope you (and/or others) can use the "Citizen's Guide" information to either quash the development of the gravel pit, or at least guide the destruction to be as environmentally sound as possible. Because, you know, industry is all about the environment.


Please keep me up on what develops, or if you post about it I'll be reading it there!

Anonymous said...

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