Friday, January 8, 2010

What Was I Saying? [And I'm Back]


Oh, good, some of you are still here.

Yeah, so I accidentally took a month off from publishing anything new here. That doesn't mean I wasn't working behind the scenes - I was, I swear! I fully anticipated that by now I'd be in a place where I could start chatting about birds again, passing along entertaining stories from our outdoor escapades, waxing philosophical about ornithology, conservation, and the state of the world, all illustrated with my growing library of photos.

On my calendar I set a target date of 31 December. And by simply changing two digits, swapping "09" for "10," I bought myself a year extension!

All that's to say, I am still alive. My hands can still type and my mind is still processing events into tales of humor, horror, and a few other genres. Our internet connection is paid in full. Here's a partial glimpse of what I'm planning to use this space for in the near future:

  • get back to writing about our major birding trips, including Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Chincoteague Island, Arkansas, and probably a couple of others.
  • get back to writing about local birding trips.
  • letting you all in on recent activity from the homefront, the workfront, and the birding/nature-watching front.
  • continue uploading "The Citizen's Guide to Migratory Bird Conservation," but in a more convenient, easier to use format.
  • show off much more of what my camera's sensor has been capturing over the past year.

And there's probably some other stuff, too. In the meantime, let this "fit for Skywatch Friday" image distract you.

Castara BayCastara Bay, Tobago, 09 October 2009.



nishiki_85 said...

Glad to see you're back. I was beginning to think we would never see images of the Trinidad & Tobago trip.


slybird said...

One of my coworkers is taking a trip to T&T in a couple weeks. How funny is it that I'll likely see her pictures before yours? :)

noflickster said...

I don't find it funny at all (now, at least; maybe one day, in hind sight). But I'm happy to report I still have images to display, and I'm starting to see light enough to start posting with some regularity.

Thanks for sticking around!

Jochen said...

Hi there!
Nice post, nice to see you back (although a month off is nothing if you run a blog called Belltower Birding) and let the pictures and stories flow in!
Looking forward to it.
A happy new year!!!

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