Thursday, November 1, 2007

I and the Bird No. 61

I will venture a guess that most people who wind up on my semi-regularly updated blog are coming from the latest "I and the Bird," so it probably requires no explanation. To you, welcome to The Feather and Flower, thank you for dropping by. I hope you'll return periodically as I continue to muse, periodically, on birds, birding, and nature. In addition, some muddlings as I try to come to grips with age old questions, such as, "Why am I here, in the blogosphere, and where, if anywhere, do I intend to go?" More on those answers in days or weeks to come, interspersed with more entertaining fare.

For those who don't know "I and the Bird," welcome to you, too!

Here is my all-to-basic introduction: it's simply a collection of links to various blogs, highlighting some of their best posts from the past two weeks. The host, themselves a blogger, presents these selected writings in some stylized way. For example, previous "I and the Birds" include video clips, quiz questions, poetry, essays about birds, birding, and nature seem to be logical, and probably expected. Read more from the brains behind the project, 10000Birds: I and the Bird.

The best way to learn about "I and the Bird"? Check it out yourself! Like any endeavor, what you get out of it equals what you put into it. Sit back, put your feet up, put down the remote: you won't need to channel surf away from N8's presentation of I and the Bird, As Seen on TV.

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