Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Book in the Hand

A book in the hand is worth dozens on your favorite Internet superstore. And here's your chance to get one, free!

I've never reviewed a book, at least not in the formal sense. And, happily for me, and lucky for you, really, I'm not about to.

But I am passing along information about a worthwhile contest run by the guys over at 10,000 Birds. It's worthwhile because the rewards are so great. Not only the material side (free copies of Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide), but the reward of the first task you must complete to be eligible. There will be a total of five tasks, and here I'm only focusing on the first task.

Most superficially, the book as a prize. It looks very interesting, very stylish, very thorough, and very approachable, whether you are a devoted ornithologist or casually interested. Disclaimer: I haven't read it, or even seen it up close, so I'm going on reviews of people I have faith in (see what 10,000 Birds, Born Again Birdwatcher, and Bill Schmoker had to say). But it's the first task that I think will reap the most reward.

The first task? Write an essay. I won't say about what or how long it has to be, you can read that at the 10,000 Birds site. But I will say what an opportunity! Lately I feel I barely have time to do anything, let alone sit and compose my thoughts. I mean really compose, to really string together the right words to create the right impression that gets the right thoughts and right feelings across to . . . well, to you. In a sense, I long for school days where I had to sit and write, upon the pain of death if an assignment wasn't completed. Ah, hyperbole: no real students were harmed while fulfilling homework assignments, at least not in my school. That I was aware of.

Anyway, my point: take advantage of the chance to sit and compose an essay, instead of a relatively meaning letter grade you might win a book - something you can actually use! Even if it's simply used to re-gift it in a few weeks. . . .

Take shot, and good luck. Maybe, if I carve out some spare moments here and there, I'll compete with you. May the best word processor win!

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