Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Good to be Back

Ah, the best laid plans. For Thanksgiving week I traveled to Chincoteague, VA (gateway to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge) with every intent of birding a lot and blogging about it each night. I prepared our lap top so I could download images daily and nightly, I remember being able to tap into a nearby wireless network, so what could go wrong?

A relatively small gathering of Snow Goose
pose in front of the Assateague Lighthouse.

Easy! Leave your damn external wireless card about 440 miles away so you can't access the aforementioned wireless network.

A typical sight for this part of the coast: pine and Sweetgum.

Nonetheless, I did bird a lot, I took lots of pictures. Chincoteague is one of my favorite birding destinations and I am stoked to finally write about it. So, after a couple of catch-up posts on what's been going around the homestead in New York (hint: winter finches keep on coming!), I'll recap the trip.

Northern Mockingbird guarding a winter food source. (Though the
mockingbird should be, they are not the state bird of Virginia!)

Hope you all (yeah, I said "all": I'm assuming someone other than my mom reads this . . . ) had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Flowers blooming in late November? Well, it was on the beach.

Post title credit: Hello! Hello! I'm Back Again (1973), Gary Glitter.

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