Thursday, July 17, 2008

From The Cornell Lab: Art Opening

If you've visited Sapsucker Woods you very likely stepped inside the visitor center. And if you've stepped inside the visitor center, you very likely noticed the artwork that adorns the walls.

The "resident" art, of course, belongs to Louis Aggasiz Fuertes, but is periodically augmented with displays of more recent artists. Recent shows, for example, include paintings by Julie Zickefoose and the photographs of Floris van Breugel.

Yesterday a new show opened, "The Bird Artwork of Benjamin M. Clock." Paraphrased from the invitation, Ben's watercolors and drawings feature vocalizing and displaying birds in their habitats. Many of the works feature scenes from recent travels to the arctic tundra and the Caribbean hardwood hammocks while others were inspired from his work archiving and shooting natural history video for the Macaulay Library at the Lab of Ornithology.

If you are in the area, be sure to drop by to see Ben's work live and in person, and (or) check out his blog, Natural History Artworks.


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