Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nest Cams Feature: Chimney Swifts

My favorite type of post: brief and to the point! Very uncharacteristic for me, yes, but I'll try.

Just wanted to call attention to a very cool nest cam: an active Chimney Swift nest from near Buffalo, NY. The parents are busy feeding four fledglings that hatched on 04 July. Check out the streaming video, highlights, commentary, and join in the discussion at the NestCams website.

To whet your appetite, no pun intended (OK, yes it was!), here's a clip of feeding time from the video highlights.



slybird said...

This is definitely one of the coolest nest cams ever!

A while back Wink and I were brainstorming ways of attracting Chimney Swifts to artificial nests on campus roofs so we could observe them in this way. Nothing ever came of it, because it was just for fun and we had no pressing research questions. This makes me want to start thinking about it again! :)

noflickster said...

Nick - they build and market structures to attract all kinds of breeding birds, from the obvious boxes cavity nesters and gourds for martins to platforms for robins and phoebes. Maybe you can get in on the ground floor for artificial chimneys!


noflickster said...

Well, scratch the ground floor entry, but you can be involved in setting these up to increase Chimney Swift numbers . . . check out these plans:

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