Monday, June 1, 2009

Collecting vs. Reporting

The theme in my life, both at work and on the homefront, is that collecting always outpaces processing. Does anyone find themselves finished with everything and nothing left to work with? At work we're extremely proficient at collecting sound recordings, but we lag behind in our ability to analyze and interpret those recordings (something we're working on).

At home, I'm extremely proficient at collecting experiences with birds and nature along with photos, but I lag way behind in processing and contextualizing them into blogworthy accounts. (Twitter seems like a world I should adopt, as it takes way less than 148 seconds to post a 148 character tweet. Alas, brevity is not my strong suite.).

So, I owe, I owe, I'll be blogging soon again I know. In the meantime, here are a few shots I've collected from the past few weeks. Oh, and check out a guest post I wrote for "Puerto Rico Month" on (Note to self: quite giving away blog posts to other sites . . . ).

Black-capped Chickadee nesting in Paper BirchBlack-capped Chickadees nesting in an American White Birch (Betula papyrifera) snag.

Grasshopper SparrowA Grasshopper Sparrow surveys his territory, if he can hold on to it.

Common YellowthroatA male Common Yellowthroat attempts to attract a mate.

Dark-eyed JuncoA Dark-eyed Junco taking a break from feeding nestlings.

Cedar WaxwingA Cedar Waxwing keeps a wary eye on an intruder (me).



Deejbrown said...

Blogging can suck all the energy out of you. Sometimes you just have to take a guilt-free break.
Great photos! I enjoyed them!

noflickster said...

@deejbrown - Thanks for the photo compliment, I had a lot of fun tracking those birds down to get a reasonable shot.

I've been spending more time than usual out birding and photographing this season, partially to gather blog fodder. But the birding/photography takes time away from blogging, and vice versa, a vicious cycle. I agree absolutely: a sabbatical here-and-there is necessary to refresh and refuel (but I need to work on the guilt-free part!).


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