Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spotlight on eBird

Not my spotlight, though, a more prominant organization: CNN! I will eventually spotlight eBird as I use the program almost religiously. All of my current checklists are (eventually) entered, and I'm slowly uploading historical checklists. Let's face it, they weren't doing anyone, not even me, any good sitting isolated in Thayer's Birding Software on my hard drive. I felt somewhat obligated to get them into a central database when I was leading the project, but seeing how far eBird has come in a short time, it's more than that.

And now eBird has gained the attention of the national media with this short video starring current co-project leader Brian Sullivan (Chris Wood is the other co-leader). Exciting stuff!

One pet peeve: I can't help but notice, but apparantly nobody outside of the Lab can spell the project right. It's eBird, not E-bird, not Ebird, not eBirds . . . just eBird. Is it that difficult?

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