Thursday, April 16, 2009

Major Migration

Looks like there is a widespread movement of birds across the eastern US tonight, as of 9:50 EDT. The storm system stretching from the Texas panhandle to southwestern South Dakota appears to be suppressing movements in the midwestern corridor that has been so active the last few nights. The high pressure system centered over the Great Lakes should mean settled, calm weather in the northeast, in this case extending down to the Gulf coast.

Current winds in the Southern Tier of NY have been out of the north, but have been virtually non-existent over the past couple of hours. Current base velocity maps, which show direction of movement, from south of us (State College, PA) and east (Binghamton, NY) show birds are heading in a northeasterly direction.

All in all, in our region it's a good night to migrate, new birds should be ushered into our area tomorrow. I didn't make it out this morning (poor time management skills hindered that), but tomorrow is more likely.

What's going on in your area?


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jan m said...

Mike, the only thing new I can report are chipping sparrows (at three different locations today) and I saw my first eastern phoebe of the season, although I see they have been around the area for a few weeks.
I look forward to hearing about your sightings.

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