Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where In the World?

Way back in 2008, specifically the last day of 2008, I wrote a fairly long post bidding farewell to the old and ringing in the new. In that post I mentioned an overt desire to travel somewhere new in 2009, somewhere I've never been. Here's what I wrote:

There is a definite satisfaction in seeing new things where you are, but I am overtly jonesing for a trip somewhere exciting in 2009. I'm thinking South America -- Peru, Brasil, and Ecuador are jumbling in my brain, but for no real reason - if you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Requirements are lots of amazing birds to be found without hiring a tour guide or armed sentries, relatively cheap travel, lodging, and food, and reasonable entertainment for a bird-friendly wife and daughter. (full post here)

I'm happy to say a location has been selected, plans have been locked in. Vacation time has been blocked on the work calendars. Our trip isn't until October so I have lots of time to scour bird books, travel guides, web sites, and pick the brains of those that traveled before us. I've already started, I'm that giddy about it.

So, where are we headed? I could just tell you, but where's the fun in that? How about a quiz? First caveat I must pass along: although I specifically targeted S. America in my post, anywhere from Antarctica to Zimbabwe was on the table. So, here's the first clue:

Climate - average temperature in October is reported to be between 76* - 80*F, average rainfall in October is approximately 6.7 inches.

If you're already hankerin' to guess a specific location or a general region, let 'em fly in the comments, though be warned I may or may not verify correct guesses just yet. I'll post additional clues every few days . . . until I finally burst with excitement.


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