Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Migration Map: Midwest is Hoppin'!

With the exception of a single Spring Peeper and a light rain there's not much to hear in our backyard this evening (as of 11:15 PM). I was hoping to hear some evidence of migration in the form of a few flight calls; nothing doing.

But looking at the continental radar map one thing stands out: the corridor connecting southern Texas and North Dakota is lit up like a Christmas tree. "Fly-over country" takes on a new meaning in this situation: those birds are flying now, but will descend at dawn, visible to early-morning birders. I envy the "fly-over people"!

A weather system is hindering migration in our region, northeastern Ohio, western New York, and northern Pennsylvania. Another system on the Atlantic coast seems to be suppressing movement there, as is a line of storms in southwestern Florida, there doesn't seem to be much coming into the Florida Keys from Cuba.

But the midwestern states . . . wow!



dAwN said...

Great blog...I am loving all your migration info and maps!

noflickster said...

@dAwN - thanks!! The Internet has made it amazingly easy to check out what's going on around the country, between calling up the unemotional radar images and reading blogger's experiences. It's fun tracking when/where the birds are moving, especially if it helps target when to expect a good morning of birding.

That said, I can't imagine a bad morning of birding!

Maybe one day I'll make it a bit more rigorous, but there are some great sites that already do that - like the badbirdz site you pointed out earlier.

Good birding!

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