Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where in the World? Is That Your Final Answer?

Earlier I mentioned we've chosen an exotic location to visit this fall, but instead of blatantly disclosing it I turned it into a guessing game.

We're five clues into the hunt and there have been some excellent deductions. For this last round of the contest I've added three more clues which may help identify the mystery location. Have a read through and either try a guess (if you haven't already), confirm what you wrote before, or make a last minute switch, as you see fit.

1. Climate
The average temperature in October is reported to be between 76* - 80*F, average rainfall in October is approximately 6.7 inches.

2. Topography
The land is primarily mountains and plains. Naturally occurring wetlands include freshwater marshes, mangrove swamps, lagoons, and marine ecosystems.

3. Geographic Location
We will not cross the equator.

4. Culture
The official language is English. We will need passports and to figure out the currency.

5. Economy
The infrastructure is excellent, including an international airport, an extensive network of paved roads, modern hospitals, and reliable utilities. At least in the cities.

6. Climate
October is both in the wet season and the hurricane season, though we're not really worried about the latter. If we're lucky we won't worry much about the former, either.

7. Geology and Heritage
Geologically this country belongs to one region, but geographically it's considered part of a different region.

8. Flora and Fauna
There are over 400 bird species on the official checklist (466 to be precise). Only one is endemic.

There it is. Call your lifeline, spin the wheel, and lock in your answer in the comments! Answer comes tomorrow.



nishiki_85 said...

Clue #7 has me changing my answer. I agree with Nate, kudos to him for answering early on.

It is now my answer (final answer Regis) as well, Trinidad & Tobago.

Nate said...

Ah yes, the Trinidad Piping Guan. Good luck finding it.

And the Oilbirds, oh the Oilbirds...

SethM. said...

Oilbirds are my favorite hands down. The best photog/bird interactions you could ask for.

*I Donated to Cornell Ornithology!*

noflickster said...

Apologies for the late reply, but better late than never (I'm not sold on that, but that's what "they" say).


@nishiki_85 - it takes a big person to rethink their answer in the face of new information. Kudos to you, unfortunately you'll never make it in politics (at least in D.C., maybe Ottawa is better?).

@Nate - I am hoping the social networking, the eBird database, and a few other sources help track down the elusives. The rest is gravy. Incidentally, I'm betting I can find a hotel that provides romantic meals by oilbird instead of candlelight.

@SethM - I'm not sure how I'm going to see an oilbird (I hope you're not still reading, Nate). We (apparently) cannot stay at Asa Wright because they cannot accommodate children under 8 yrs. old, so we aren't eligible for their tour to see the colony on their land.

Any ideas appreciated - for oilbirds, and anything else!


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