Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stepping Out

Dear Feather and the Flower,

You'll probably find out about it elsewhere on the Internets, so let me come clean. The rumors are true. I've been writing with someone else.

It's only platonic, I swear - please know you are still my one and only blog. But I was approached by another blog, we innocently chatted about our shared interest in birds. We hit it off, the attraction was too great to resist; one thing lead to another, and as of today I've published on a different site.

I don't mean to hurt you, but the other blog means a lot to me. And given a chance, I think you would really get along - Round Robin is popular, attractive, intellectually-stimulating, and funny - what's not too like? Give it a try, see what was posted, I think you'll be excited.


ps I know you want the details, so here they are. Our nocturnal flight-call group wrote a piece about nocturnal migration for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's blog. We are planning to contribute more throughout spring migration, we expect topics will range from when and where to listen, their importance in conservation and other fields, and several tutorials to introduce species so you can explore this frontier of bird watching. Please let me know (on this site) or the Lab know (on Round Robin) about your experiences in listening for nocturnal migrants, if you find the posts useful, and so on - we are looking for feedback! And if you blog, please consider promoting the posts to your readers: we'd like to reach a wide audience and hear comments about experiences across North America.

Now, I'm stepping out to see some birds - so I have something to post here before I get in dutch with my own blog . . . .


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